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Why Facebook is being used wrong

Frequently finding myself wishing there was more adult and mature people in the world. Every day I hope to meet and find people more like me and when the opposites at play, I tend to get down. I don’t enjoy interacting with people who cannot control their behaviors and words. People who act impulsively when upset are some of my biggest pet peeves…

But I think my biggest pet peeve is when someone tries to avoid a conversation but still be starting drama at the same time. This is why facebook is many peoples biggest enemies. People stalk other peoples profiles because so many people post too many personal things, that are no ones buisness, or even justified statements about someone else. Then you can see all the things people wish they were strong enough to say to you and you can see who all likes the blatent out right comment about ones such self and know exactly how people feel when they’re too chicken shit to do anything but smile to your face.

This is the definition of disrespect. On both parties end. Facebook should be used for things much less trivial then this. To keep in touch with friends who you don’t have time to call or check in on all the time, facebook gives you access to ignore your friends while giving you permission to see all the things they’re doing and the thoughts they’re willing to post. You can tell an awful lot about somebody by what they put on facebook. And you can also tell a lot about someone by the persons status’ they like the most of… don’t be flattered and think they may really enjoy those bitter sweet words, they’re probably just lurking your page hoping to get a little closer to your heart because they wouldn’t give you much more than an hour max of the day otherwise.

But hey… I guess you really needed the world to know whatever you posted earlier… whether you love your boyfriend or cat or just took an amazing poop… apparently it was important to get off your chest.
I think more people need to be writers and take up writing as a healthy alternative to negative passive aggressive bashing on Facebook.

End my rant… well I feel better after not posting this to Facebook.