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Slowly losing my mind,
But not actually losing my mind…
Just racing through time
Smoking up those dimes,
Well burning up them bags,
Making everything lag
Nothing making me sad
Oooh this feelings rad!



Some people spend their entire lives
Trying to find a love like ours.

Always just to turn up in lies
Of relationships with nothing
To offer the mind and soul.
Putting in years of hard work
Just to end up endlessly hurt.

Blessed and lucky
To have found a love like ours
So young, so true.

Comforted in your arms,
I’ve found a place to call my own…
A place called home.

Home in your arms
Home in your heart
Gives me peace in my mind
Gives me peace in my soul.

Inspired by your mind
Inspired by your words
Inspired by your actions
Inspired by your very soul.

My soul has found its mate.