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Avoidance of communication

Its very difficult to try to not text, call, or contact someone when you want too, even if its just to respond and say you’re wrong or I hope all is well, even when you know its harmful in your life or that they do not want you to contact them or even if you’re just waiting to see how long they can go without talking to you.
The second you read anything or hear anything, especially if its directed to, near, or about you… your brain automatically retaliates a response. It may not be the response you end up verbalizing or sending but it existed, even if just in your head alone.
Its only human nature to want to send these things to people. Its especially tempting to send people texts, messages, and phone calls when you know they prefer you to be less in their life, or in worst case not at all. There are so many things that long to be said, whether out of anger, jealousy, hate, nostologia, sadness, or grief. These are the things we wish we had the time or ability to express or even unexpress when we had the time.
Some people get scared of passion in others, while some are lost without a passion in someone. Some people still make certain relationships more than relationships… they make them life lines. These are the people who have every right to cut us off every once in a while. Eventually, you might suck their well dry. If you take too much or give too much there is an unequal balance in the relationship that can have a noticable tension feeling to it.
Sometimes we have to take people out of our lives, instead of being taken out of someones life. Both decisions should be respected, as easily forgotten as this is nothing anyone ever does is because of you. We all live in out own individual worlds and do the best we can to manage it and our perception of it. We do the things and say the things we do because we decide they will benefit us in the end more than it will harm us.
When we take these people out of our lives, it is not to be mean or do something to intentially harm the other, but to benefit the self at all cost. Survival of the emotionally fittest in this day and age where stress might be the biggest struggle. This decision needs to be respected because for most, it is not easy to ask people to leave your life, and most assume the response will already not be pleasant so why make it any more unpleasant. Anytime I’ve ever cut someone out, all I’ve ever wanted to do was call them because I felt so bad and say I miss you. And I do. Miss them. And I shouldn’t call. And I don’t… sometimes.
Hey, we live and we learn right?

-J, piece of a yin