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Love to blame

Love is like an addiction,
Phrasing it so makes it sound wicked
But it is not so, it is not the same…
This addictions not mine to blame.
I was not the one to open my heart
I would have known it wasn’t so smart.
There’s very few people anyones able to trust,
Seeing as most people are into just lust.
Now with love to blame,
I’m stuck in an endless cycle with something impossible to tame.


Scatter brained

Lips to feel,
Eyes to heal,
Hearts to steal…
Minds turning like a wheel,
The way the body works is unreal.

Appreciating the movement of it all,
The beauty in something as simple as a crawl.
As we grow, we learn to stand tall.

The body and the mind are one,
That is the only way any thing can be done.
As we get older, we learn how to run.

Day by day we must use these wonderful gifts
Or else much joy you will miss.