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Give and Accept

Friends. I wonder how people make them. Who approaches who first in your circle. I like to approach people first but its always nice to be approached too. For me everything in life is give and accept and it should be. I feel the word accept is more proper because if its a gift, you receive and accept it… you do not take it. ‘Taking’ so much implies a feeling kind of like stealing and that is not what is being done. Its receiving a gift. I like to give as much as I receive enjoyment out of surprises and compliments. Relationships should be a give and accept. “Give some love, accept some love.” Maybe we should all take on this motto of give and accept. Any word could be substituted for love but love is fitting because any gift is truely a gift of love.

Thought for the day.


Marley related thoughts

“The good times of today are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.”

“The winds that sometimes take something we love, are the same winds that bring us something we learn to love. Therefore we should not cry about something that was taken from us, but yes love what we really have been given. Because what is really ours is never gone forever.”

These are two great quotes by Bob Marley. I actually cannot even say these are my favorite Marley quotes because everything that man said and did, that I know of, just poured out so much love. And I for one, know its safe to say, I am 100% a love addict.

For those of you who may not know what this entails, it is not a joke. Hear me out and take a serious ear on this one. Being a love addict means you have the symptoms of:
Overwhelming empathy at all times for all living being, plants, animals and humans alike. It may not be easy, but that’s the struggle of being an addict.
Another symptom is the need to socialize as much as be alone. The irony in this is a painful struggle. I daily feel the need to expend all the love burning inside me and give it generously out to all, especially in doses of quick smiles to strangers against the way.
As well, being around so many people who yearn for this love, I need to remind myself to love myself first as well. Everyone deserves to be loved and if you don’t feel like you’re getting enough you need to love youself more. Only you can provide enough love to suffice your hearts cry for love.

Well I got a little off topic here in talking about love and the need for it, but Marley was one smart man who knew about the need for love,
“overcome the devils with a thing called love.”

I really wanted to write about how much love can affect us and how little we appreciate it when its gone. The love we experience today is the love we’re going to remember forever. These winds that take and give, do so unexpectantly so you must love fully all the time. This is a bold statement to truely love everyone as if you might never get another chance too. Its terrifying to the core. I fear everyday I may scare those I truely care about off, then I remind myself if that’s how I express myself to feel good and they can’t appreciate it… I need to move on. I love very passionately to all, even strangers, and so when I passionately care about someone and show them passionate love, its a fury of uncontrollable energy and love. Then when the winds have taken these same loves away, we know we have done all we can to allow those we love to stay and a place to safely grow their roots. These loves will find their way back in one way or another form. Anytime love takes on a new form for me, it been better everytime. I can’t wait to see the man I’m going to marry. You bet I’m going to make his sweet ass feel like the luckiest man alive, but until then… I’m going to appreciate all the love I’ve been given and shown and just continue to put it out there into the universe.

One love, thinking of you all!

I know that the love that I give becomes the love that I get.
-string cheese incident.

This truth

I wish it was October again, specifically, I wish it was Hulaween again. Halloween weekend String Cheese Incident hosted a beautiful festival and I met some beautiful people. That’s what’s expected right… but what wasn’t expected was meeting someone from the other coast who Id grow to care about, and think about almost every day. Things have changed since Hulaween, and things have even changed since I went West for Thanksgiving and maybe even since Miami. I wish I could go back to the Suwannee and just to wake up in the hammock curled in your arms, to cuccoon up when it started sprinkling to rain. You are one of the best dancers I’ve ever had the pleasure of dancing with still. These things I wish I could have back, but at least the memories stick. I could very much like to go back West too, around Thanksgiving time, when you were my solitiude from some sad, sad news. All those times together almost blur into one, but the moments that stick out, are so simple. And yet so incredible. Take me to that moment where I never have felt so alive. The energy you have and the energy we create is so unreal to me. Give me a beating heart in my chest, and a raging smile across my face so big the universe can hardly contain it. Give me Cheese. Give me the Love I found.

“I know that the love that I give, becomes the love that I get.”

Love like you wouldn’t believe

I wear my heart on my sleeve,
Giving out my love like you wouldnt believe.
I try to see the best in me,
We are all our own worst enemy.
Once loving ourselves is no longer a fear,
You can stand tall with happiness coming clear.

Happiness is a contagious thing,
Something youd like to share with others…
So more happiness to others they can bring.
The love of self is the same for mothers as brothers.

I often try to improve myself,
But sometimes that cant be done
Without a little help.
Humbling myself like the Son
The only way to truely feel the sun.

Regreting all the wrong ive said,
As much as than wrongs been had.
Everything in life is a slow moving tread,
Slowing replacing good for all the bad.

Theres a little yin in every yang,
But slowly im trying not to stay the same.

We the people…

Life is crazy and a little bit strange,
I wonder how much people are to blame.
Society has gotten out of the way,
The path of the “norm”… there isnt one id say.
People like to point and disrelate,
These are just easier ways to hate.
We all need to learn to get along,
One love… like marley said, isnt that a song?
It has a great ring to it
Kinda like a fire thats just been lit.
We should all learn how to create,
Instead of just take, take, take.
I would like to see society upside down,
But we the people, are the only ones that can turn it around.

A play… Of the imagination

West coast dreams occupy my mind
I think about it all the damn time.
Wonder when ill get my money right
Stressing about how its all been so tight.
Had some fun for the holidaze
Now my passions been set ablaze.
Ready to set out and live my dream,
things here seem to just fall apart at the seams.
Always wanting to run away
Each and everyday…
But thats a cop out, is it not?
Ill never find whats sought,
If i never finish what i start;
Theres always so many different parts.
Waiting to see how things play out
Ive been thinking… and theres a lot of different routes.

An atomic wonderland

Its hard to tell where the edges
Of your body start, and mine begin.
In the essence of this magic our bodies have melded together.
In an atomic Wonderland.
Neutrons and electrons and protons alike,
Unite, in the beauty of being so close,
And so much a part of you and I.
Oh and how these waves of atoms dance between you and I
Forever across all spaces time.

Evening Ending

Love living like every moments the last so why not have one more , one more sweet kiss, one more soft hug? Indulge in every moment

The Squeaky Robot


My end of the year was spent hosting two beautiful Swedish people, explaining how in each downtown Manhattan neighborhood you gotta be stupid rich to live there, all the while realizing as a pseudo-tour guide that I know more about New York than I thought I did and rediscovering the very city that sits in my backyard: This Harlem jazz club is epic.Good beer is here.This was probably the best meal I’ve had in New York. That’s the thing about international friends – it’s an adventure, it’s life-affirming, they provide the change I constantly crave. Around them it’s easy to justify living because around them every moment is a celebration; one more beer, one more, one more because why not? They live far away so when we do meet up, it’s always something cool, something new, something different, and the saga continues. This is inherent happiness.

I hope…

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